Amazing Target Finds

I was a Target junkie at one point. Visiting the store weekly, buying things that I didn’t need (hey that deodorant was 2 for $1.98 and you always can use deodorant) I got caught up in the Target spell. Then I ODed. I was tired of all of the “designer” pieces and the higher than usual prices. Target got all high on themselves and it pissed me off!

The other day I had a hankering for some new sheets (new place new sheets) and I thought I would poke my head into Target. While I found no sheets I did find some pretty swell trendy pieces. A knock off of the ribbon/ chain headband for a cool $7.99 (the picture below is from Nordstrom- I bought a burgundy with gold chain version at Target) I also bought some cutie leopard print ballet flats for $14.99 (but I hear they are going on sale tomorrow for $10)

Welcome back to my life Target, welcome back!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Target Finds”

  1. I swear your Target is so so much better than ours!!! Usually I’ll get some cheap work clothes from Target… but definitely nothing like this!!!

  2. I still love Target! Especially the one near me with a Starbucks. Then I can buy all my essentials and feed my habit all at once! 🙂

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