Why Pop?

Just strolled in from the bar, for a non goodbye celebration with a good friend of mine (its a non goodbye b/c I know she will be in LA soon). Any way this is the second time this has happened to us- seeing damn buffoons sporting a popped collar at this particular bar. These people are fools! What are they thinking??

This is not in style. This is not cool. You are silly and stupid for being “preppie” You all get the point. I am clearly intoxicated, but if I didn’t get this rage out I don’t know what would happen.

*Oh and tried to take a picture- but not only was I obvious (especially when I asked for the bartenders help). I was also too drunk to keep the camera in focus.

10 thoughts on “Why Pop?”

  1. I talk offence to your “You are silly and stupid for being “preppie””. I am a proud preppy and although I’m sure it may be rare in LALA land; here in the northeast preppy is just a way of life. You are right; it’s not ‘fashionable” it’s just a lifestyle.

  2. Tod with 1 ‘d’, of COURSE you are proud of being a preppie. I can only assume you are from BAH-ston.

    Anyway moron, goth is also a lifestyle as is serial killing….doesn’t make either right.

  3. oh for goodness sakes! you run home frothing with rage to blog about popped collars?

    do you cry yourself to sleep over saris and kimonos too?

  4. Hmmm… no, not over Saris and Kimonos…but I do over cheap elastic slide Steve Madden Shoes, Mom Jeans, and people who think sweat suits are okay.

  5. For one thing there’s nothing wrong from being from Boston and being from Boston doesn’t make you a prep. We all need to stop stereotyping because popping your collar doesn’t make you America’ s number one most wanted.

  6. Oh I LOVE the comment by the “preppy guy”–Tod, who apparently is so pretentious he doesnt see the need to add the redundant “d”–get a life TOD–my father thinks Ban-lon is a perfectly good look too. Preppy is DEAD in the northeast (I live in NYC) unless you are going to a Halloween party.

  7. nothing wrong with popped collars, it is not an offensive look. you guys really seem like trash, especially you kitty

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