Westwood for Nine West

If you have opened any fall fashion magazine you have surely seen that Vivienne Westwood will have a collection at Nine West. I went through many emotions. First disgust, the designers offered their items at lower cost stores is getting old. Then curiosity, I LOVE Vivienne Westwood- not only is it hard to find it is also expensive. I let my curiosity take me the Nine West website and my feelings went back to stage 1… Disgust!

What the hell…Who is paying $500 for a pair if shoes at NINE WEST! I have no problem spending $500 at Neimans and Saks, but damn Nine West. This operation is going to flop- What do you all think?

6 thoughts on “Westwood for Nine West”

  1. Regardless of price, I didn’t see anything in the collection that I wasnted to buy. Especially not for $500, but even if it were cheap I probably wouldn’t put any of the pieces on my shopping list.

  2. maybe nine west is trying to raise their prices…but i don’t think that will work.
    well, anyway, i think those boots are kind of ridiculous looking…i am not sure they should have used the plaid fabric with them

  3. I’m not really too familiar with Vivienne Westwood…but we do have Nine West in Aus – and I definately wouldn’t pay $500 for a pair of shoes from there… and definately not for these. they are yuk

  4. The ballet flats in black patent are cute, the perfect shoe for a sporty dominatrix (I’m neither, but why not have the shoe to play the role anyway? 😉

    But US$250 for what are basically shiny Keds? I don’t think so.

    Not that us Aussies get the option of buying such things anyway, none of the chain store designer lines make it here 🙁

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