War on Preppy

Who knew my innocent little posting on buffoon preppies poppin’ their collars would erupt such a firestorm. Preppies from all over the blogisphere are outraged and defending their doofy ‘style’. Check it out (this is hysterical)!!!!

7 thoughts on “War on Preppy”

  1. How hilarious!!! Although I agree – it either looks like they are the biggest dag…or they are trying to be a metro – but gone wrong!

  2. omg. i left a wicked long comment on one post saying how retarded he sounded about how he and “Muffy” went down to the vineyard and found it had been invaded by hippies. Plus, he seems to somewhat enloy Crocs *heave*.
    Love your site by the way. :]

  3. It just depends on your style. I am preppy, but a lot of my friends are pretty emo in their style. It’s just not very nice to make fun of people

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