Shopping on Robertson

Day 2 of LA: Another wild apartment goose chase. It’s time to call in the professionals, I need a rental agent. Doing this on my own is soooo not working. After another unsuccessful hunt, I decided to better aquaint myself with my new home town.

I drove and drove, got lost a few times and then was found on Robertson (ya know where the stars shop) Its odd shopping in the places I shop on daily via the web. I went into Kitson, Lisa Kline, Madison, Ted Baker, and a few others. Kitson was a ZOO, people are just crammed in there. I managed to get out with out any cuts and bruises (and a pair of these funky LAMB boots)

5 thoughts on “Shopping on Robertson”

  1. so glad to hear you’re balancing the house hunting with some all-important power shopping. Good luck and fly safe.

  2. yes, LA bound by Sept! Did you have any luck finding a place? I have a feeling that I will spend a majority of my trip lost..even though I’ve been to LA a few times already!

    oh, and the last time I was on melrose, I bumped into Jlo in Fred Segal. Don’t you just love LA? 😉

    and I agree, shopping is theraputic!

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