The Shape of Fall

I typically don’t read Vogue (at least not American Vogue) I know burn me at the stake. But I simply don’t find it to be that interesting anymore. However I couldn’t resist picking up the mega fall issue at the airport the other day. The fall issues are a must read and Vogue has well written articles good for long red eye flights.

I don’t get the new shape of fall. Personally I think it is going to flop. Women don’t want that many bubbling and bulging articles of clothing in their closets. The issue was chock full of bubble, oversized, over the top silhouettes- and mounds of fur.

Has anyone seen this issue- Please let me know what you think. I am boycotting this trend for one.

3 thoughts on “The Shape of Fall”

  1. UGH! I went through my Vogue three times!!! WHAT! I didn’t even see an AD that I liked let alone this bulbous clothing meant for kate moss and Kate alone!!! Balenciaga’s designer has lost his grip on reality with this mess! Maybe next September’s Vogue will be better…

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