Rental Failure, Retail Success

Day one into my LA trip- I have already realized finding an apartment isn’t as easy as it sounds. How do you LA people do it, the places are SOO small. The one place I thought that sounded the best was already rented by the time I got there (30 mins early too)

However, that very place happened to be steps away from Melrose- so I went for some retail Therapy. First stop was Lotta Stensson, which has wonderful customer service by the way. So many cute accessories there it was so hard to choose. I ended up purchasing this massive gold cuff- and regret not picking up this little perfume that smelled so nice.
After hitting Fred Segal, Ron Herman, and many others; I wandered around looking for more places to live- all a bust. So more therapy was needed. Went to the (over hyped- sorry LA Ladies) Beverly Center to shop around, pretty successful trip. I went some store called Image which I am sure is the equivelent to something pretty crappy in DC- but ignorance is bliss. I found a cute little kimono dress for $40.

Then came the icing on the cake- the store visit that lifted my spirits. Momoberry by Sanrio. Its Hello Kitty all grown up. I was like a kid in a candy story. I even made my own fragrance (yep they have a fragrance bar, the next best thing to a real bar) And guess what my scent is called? Fashion Kitty. And its all mine (cue the insane laugher)

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