The Look for Less

Any regular reader knows I am totally on a bracelet kick, I am channeling my ex candy rave days (I sure hope not- plastic bracelets all up my arms), or perhaps its the fact that my real diamond necklace doesn’t want to be cluttered with costume jewelry so I am leaving that to my arms…. Whatever it may be, I love them and can’t get enough arm candy.

I love this bracelet from Kitson, the price not so much ($345) I managed to find the look for less right next door at ( I clicked that little picture of Miss Lohan and off I went) and check it out its only $100 and I like it better.

One thought on “The Look for Less”

  1. Oh I’m loving these!!! I think I’ve seen a white kitson type one on Nicole Ritchie??? But yeah – that price is a little much.

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