If I had $1,328.00 to Burn

I am of course, a fashionista. I do chose to spend ridiculous amounts of money on things other than food, cars, and other practical items. But I have never spent over $1,000 on one article of clothing… BUT if I had $1,328.00 to careless toss out the window; I would want this Matthew Williamson top.

It is gorgeous! I don’t quite understand why it cost so much- maybe if I saw it in person I would know. BUT I doubt it. Unless this thing is woven with Mother Theresa’s hair, I can’t find one excuse to spend that kind of money on it.

2 thoughts on “If I had $1,328.00 to Burn”

  1. UM!!!!!! this is a FABULOUS item of clothing!!!!!! If I too had that money to spend, I would buy this! It’s gorgeous!!! You know what would be EVEN better than this top, this top, but in a dress! and you know he makes the most fabulous dresses EVER!!! oh, i love it, i can’t stop staring at it! NEED it in my life!

  2. I think its really pretty – but I don’t know about the price… Unless I was rich I definately wouldn’t spend that on a top like that.

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