Have you seen this Crap?

Nothing better to get you through a long work week-are some guilty pleasures. For this edition of Have you seen this Crap? We will dive into my guiltiest pleasure… Flavor of Love on VH1.

This show is one of the worst, and when I say worst- I mean the best! The trashy women on that show are something else (especially Somethin) Although so far I thoroughly believe season 1 was better, season 2 packs a powerful punch. Sure this season seems a bit, well…Staged. What can you do it damn entertaining.

What does this have to do with fashion? Not much, but I can tie anything to fashion. If you really want to know what NOT to wear, or what will NOT flatter your body. Check out Flavor of Love on VH1.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen this Crap?”

  1. You seem to have the coolest shows… I am going to end up watching TV the whole time I am in the US.
    Also i’ve put some pic of the Blondette chain/leather bracelet on my blog!!

  2. yes, i watch this crap! it’s the best! like watching a car accident…it’s so bad but you just can’t turn away!

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