Have you seen this Crap?

Time for another installment of Have you seen this Crap? Seems like every time I flip on the Style Network (formerly my favorite television channel) frickin’ Instant Beauty pageant is on.

Here’s the premise- 2 annoying television personalities go into a mall or the street (wherever shopping occurs) and grabs regular chicks to participate in a beauty pageant. So they give these schmos $500 to shop for a swimsuit competition outfit, and an evening outfit. Then the girls go ont0 the mall stage and show off their “talent” (NONE of them are talented) and the winners get some lame crown and a vacation.

So Have you seen this Crap? What do you think? I think it stinks and Style needs some new shows.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen this Crap?”

  1. i haven’t seen it but i can only imagine…i hate the style network now….it is a cheesy rendition of what it used to be, what it could have been.

  2. Yes! I completely agree. Where has Fasion Trance gone and all the other way better shows on the Style network. They too have fallen victim to bad reality tv shows.

  3. Yep, I saw the 1st half of it the other night. It was horrible! The hosts made snarky comments about the people they chose to be contestants, like making fun of the clothes they were wearing when they got chosen & how backwoods they were (at the Mall of America). I felt bad for the contestants.

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