Fashion Goodbyes

As I wrap up my life in Washington, DC there is a lot I have to leave behind. Friends and family- that’s a given. But the people/places/ things I spend the most time with are my store owners, shops, boutiques, and sweaters- are things that are just as tough to leave behind.

Yesterday I said my goodbye to my favorite vintage store- heck its muy favorite store period the end. I just didn’t want to leave, I wanted to take the whole place with me… I of course eventually had to go (not without a bag full of stuff).

Here is what I got (for under $100)

  1. Cropped black boxy blazer with oversized buttons
  2. Yellow and Black Zebra print Echo Scarf
  3. Blue Versace-esque scarf
  4. Vintage Gucci purse

Yep you read correctly under $100. Oh Eclectic Threads– I will miss you most of all.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Goodbyes”

  1. Going by what you picked up – you certainly have better vintage stores than Sydney!!!
    I hate when a fav stores closes! At least you can still shop their when you are visiting friends/family

  2. I don’t know if it was the 2nd glass of wine or what, but this actually choked me up. Girl, you and I will do the West Coast big style 🙂 I’m hot on your heels.

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