Fashion Fumbles

Airports are great for watching freaks with bad fashion. On my LONG trip to Portland last night, I saw some too funny fashion mishaps (especially in my Las Vegas layover)

Shame my camera was not in my carry on bag. Here is a little recap of some awfulness that I saw…

  1. Man with elastic jeans- Thats right, the leg opening on his pants were elastic. It was as if McHammer designed his own line of jeans. To make matters worse, they were too short and exposed his white tube socks and cheap white running shoes.
  2. Goldie- Not matter if it is in a casino or the airport, people in Las Vegas strongly believe the more flash the better. “Goldie” not only wore all gold, she accessorized with a gold woven bag and gold hoop earrings. I couldn’t help but to stare.
  3. Stretchy Pants- Las Vegas and stretchy pants seem to go hand in hand. Just because leggings are technically in style DOES NOT mean you can wear them with white slouch socks and keds.

In addition to the clear messes, I have noticed that skinny jeans have run rampant across the US. If you are not skinny, PLEASE do not wear skinny jeans. You will be doing yourself and many others a huge favor.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Fumbles”

  1. Haha so funny.
    I always laugh at how some people will wear trackies or their casual lounge clothes when travelling…I know we don’t have to wear our sunday bests but at least a nice pair of jeans or something.

  2. Karina- I ordered the blondette bracelet. I was holding out for the real deal, but it looked so good on your blog. I had to do it.

  3. Oh good!!! What colour did you get??? I think after getting the cheap one you are even more tempted to get the real deal :o)

  4. Yep I got black too!!! The clasp is good – its a little hard to get on just becase its kind of stiff and a little awkard- but the clasp is sturdy…which is good!!!

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