Fashion Farewell: The Denim Bar

Denim Bar. Another DC favorite. Ever since I purchased my first pair of Seven Jeans at Saks Fifth Avenue by Maura (now the owner of Denim Bar) I was hooked. I have always LOVED jeans- and dabbled in designer jeans, but Maura showed me the light. After that, the majority of my premium denim came from the Denim Bar. My first pair of Taverniti’s, my first pair of Rock & Republics and the list goes on…

I stopped in for one last swipe of the credit card, and because I needed some black skinny jeans. I ended up leaving with Sass & Bide black stovepipes. Love them! They are so damn tight they suck it all in, and look adorable on.

I also found this magnificent white hoodie- but I resisted temptation (it was $200). Honestly though, I loved it so much I might go back and get it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Farewell: The Denim Bar”

  1. You have convinced me to visit DC when I visit the US… all the great stores you are leaving behind!!!
    Aren’t Sass & Bide jeans great?? (Aussie designer…whoo!!) :o)

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