Dear Fashion Kitty

Dear Fashion Kitty,

I have just got a heap of scarves from my Mom. They are the silky ones, not the kind that you wear for winter. Apart from going around my neck several times, I do not know how to use them. Do you have any ideas?

First of all…Yippeee. You lucky dog you. Scarves are totally my thing, I have been grabbing them up left and right at vintage stores. AND lucky for you, scarves ain’t for grandma anymore. There are so many ways to wear them; let me count the ways…

  1. Draped around your neck: Like style icon of the moment Nicole Richie
  2. Go all pirate on us and wear it across your forehead
  3. In your hair, like a wide head band
  4. Smaller scarf, tie it around your wrist ( like Carrie on Sex and the City)
  5. Slide through belt loops, as a sexy belt
  6. Make Aunt Jamima proud, and tie it on your head

Readers- have any suggestions?

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. Tie around the handle of a plain bag for an updated look.
    Tie in your hair around your pony tail
    Depending on width and how it would sit, use as a waist (cinch) belt for a plain dress

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