Dear Fashion Kitty

I love LOVE your blog…

I have a question tho.

What do you suggest for a fashion school girl desperately trying to stay in style with the couture of the moment… but doesn’t have any cash?

I go to fashion school in L.A. and wish more then anything that I had millions of dollars to spend on the haute couture items of the month, but I’m paying for school and don’t have much extra cash. Any thoughts?

Thank you for the Kitty love. Ohhh was I ever in your same boat. I also went to fashion school and found myself BROKE! Between buying fabric and art supplies, not only is there little money to shop there is little time.

Here are some crazy things I did to update my wardrobe when I was in college…

  • This will sound crazy (heck even scares me to type it) Tie Dye. I had these sample sale Betsey Johnson khaki pants that I originally purchased because they were like $5. I dyed them with a single color (not all wild and rainbow) I used a maroon/ red. The compliments I get on them is unreal and it cost me $1 for the Rit Dye. You can also grab up that dye in black to refresh faded black items.
  • Shop vintage/ or (gulp) thrift. I had my first thrift/vintage experience when I was in design school. I got ridiculous little necklaces for next to nothing and really funny tee shirts that I zip zapped through the serger to make them tight and cute.

Those looks were a few years ago and aren’t haute couture-but its fun for college and you can show your creativity. For more of the moment items shop online for sure and vintage (not thrift) Also shop the junior department for cheaper trendy items. Also check out Frugal Fashionista for top dollar looks for less.

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  1. hmm interesting. tie dye huh? i wish I could be creative with my old clothes. moving is going…the countdown begins. how about you? when are you going?

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