Dear Fashion Kitty

I hate summer. I mean really hate it. I am to the point where I have maybe 3 cute summer outfits and the rest of the time I wear a knee length skirt and a fitted t-shirt. I need help! I know that summer is almost to a close here in good old Indiana, but I need help for next year. What are some good summery things that I should look for?

I have to note that I do not wear pants or shorts of any kind. Only skirts and knee length or longer at that (and dresses of course). I also do not wear sleeveless items, unless they are layered under something. Hence the challenge. I work indoors and almost anything goes. It is a casual office environment (I still want to be fashionable) What do you suggest?

Dear Summer Hater,

Ok. When I read this, two things came to mind. 1.) Damn this girl hates summer and 2.) You sound like you need a flowing bohemian look. Here is what you need to load up on (and its the time where its all on sale)

  1. Long Flowing Skirts: Flowing and airy keeps you cool in the summer and has a sexy mysterious tone with out over sexing it with legs galore. has a cute white one for $36.
  2. Super Glam Flip Flops: Comfort and cuteness come together. Try styles like this from or these from
  3. Jersey Dresses: I call them throw and go dresses. Throw em on and out the door, also try these in the jumper variation. Quick fix to jazz it up, it throw on a wide low slung leather belt.
  4. Tops: Since you don’t do sleeveless, or wear pants; you are dead on with the tight fitting tops. Try to make them a little interesting with a small print (like this angel wings top)
  5. Accessories: MUST MUST wear them. Because you are sticking to a semi standard style, throw people off with some cool accessories. A fun necklace, head scarf, over sized purse…anything. Be an accessories queen!

The key is to keep the clothes light and airy and don’t stress it! Its summer. Have a cocktail and relax 😉

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. That’s a good name for Jersey dresses, i’ve been rockin them this summer. They always fall nicely, don’t rinkle and aren’t too tight. I have a black jersey wrap dress from H&M and a pink jersey halter dress and a chocolate glam looking one from Poetry.

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