What a Day!

Ever have days that are so damn crappy you can’t even believe it? Well I had one of those today…man it was extreme. To make myself feel better I went to Nordstrom to buy myself this Ed Hardy hat I have been wanting- well guess what bad day extends there too. No damn hat! Here is a picture of it, guess I will have to order it online.
Then I was off to Victoria Secret to get my free undies (got the coupon in Lucky Mag) Well fine print and sucks and not stocking what your are giving away sucks too. The only underwear that were Free were the Pink Brand (which I knew) but they had to be pink, black, or white. Fine. Have to dig like a wild animal to find a pair in that color story… Cha Ching. Ummm NO! They are extra low rise which arent on the coupon. So I left the mall empty handed 🙁

6 thoughts on “What a Day!”

  1. I wonder if I will have the same luck when I go today..did they have the free dog when you make a purchase? I have a gift card I was going to use. I got my free panty offer in ELLE magazine..

  2. If you use the free card read the fine print 😉 But I think the free dog promotion is still going on- who doesnt like a free pink dog.

  3. I ended up with MANY of those free undies coupons — a few came in the mail. I don’t even shop at V.S. But I went and got mine – they totally suck. The high-cut briefs w/ the elastic straps = WORST on anyone but Adriana Lima.

  4. I went and got mine. They are ok. Plain cotton undies. Very low cut, which I didn’t like and only available in white. Live and learn, but hey, they were free!

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