To Buy or not to Buy?

That is the question. Damn that Nicole Richie and her skinny ass magical powers. I don’t want to like what that rich little thing wears, but I do. Damn it I do! I watch the Simple Life and I think its a pretty damn good show and I love the CC Skye bracelet that is constantly weighing down Miss Nicoles wrist. Ohhh….Confession feels so good.

So I want it, I want it bad. I have been thinking about it for sometime and I can’t stop. Here is the problem. It’s $245 dollars. Do you know what I could buy with that? Well…I guess one pair of jeans, a Passion Tea at Starbucks, and lunch. When I put it like that, it isn’t so bad- Simply don’t eat, drink water, and wear one of your 1,000 other pairs of jeans.

ANOTHER one to go in the pro column, is the fact that this doubles as a necklace too! Two for one baby, who doesn’t like that?

4 thoughts on “To Buy or not to Buy?”

  1. Those are so cute! But I feel like if you wait a month it was be knocked off for less at Target or Wet Seal or the Icing. Just cheap thought:)

  2. look on ebay for joan rivers bracelet they have one with several strings of leather and gold it’s 20 bucks.

    greetings from the netherlands

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