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Shopbop has always been a top site for me, they always impress me with the Look Book and the bad ass outfits they put together, the selection- fabulous, the new arrivals- all time and now yet another to get excited . A Guide to Fall Trends for 2006.

The summer is flying by for me, so its shocked me to think of Fall (it happens every year I should get used to it)

Here is what thinks will be cool this Fall (with Kitty commentary of course)

  • Punk Rocker Edge * Think we can handle that- how long has skulls and skinny jeans been in? Yep we can handle that.

  • Mod- All about A-line, retro chic and fun make-up. Its hard for everyone to pull of, but to those that can- go for it. Personally I would hit the vintage shops to achieve this look.
  • Classic Grunge- Remember the 90’s (how could you not, they just happened) Well channel Kurt Cobain and go to town with this look. If you need runway inspiration check out the latest from Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui always has a touch of grunge in her looks.

  • Boy Meets Girl- Kitty snooze… I feel like menswear inspired pieces are always “in” somehow.

  • Volume– Its fun to play with big balloon-y clothing if you are skinny, and I am not talking skinny like everyday girls… I am talking you need to be one of the models to pull this off. Be careful with this look.

  • Inky Darks- I swear they are running out of styles on this one. LOL. Yes dark clothes are always in for fall (pretty sure you have a f ew of these things in your closet already)

  • Bold Graphics- Quit playing it safe with solid and get bold this fall. Diane von Furstenberg is always good for a nice print- try her.

  • Sweater Dresses- Summer is wonderful because you have what I call a “throw and go” type dress (through it on and walk out the door- if you needed an explanation) Well, same goes for this fall and the sweater dress. Hooray to simplicity (sometimes)

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  1. I can’t wait for it to become cold enough to wear a sweater dress! I can never find dresses to suit me as I’m really short but sweater dresses make my legs look really long, keep me warm and give me that edge without being girlie like a usual dress would.

  2. Thanks for the tip about Shopbop the lookbooks are great … it is always better to see an outfit put together rather than just buying a piece

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