I am under a lot of stress lately, between having a new job and planning a move across the country, my body is feeling the stress. There are pluses and minuses to stress. The plus is I am a few pounds away from my goal weight. LOL… I know it will come right back but its fun to feel extra small for a while.

Minus…my skin. OMG- I haven’t bad a blemish since I was like 16 years old. Last week when I got back from my business trip I had a hideous red bump on my face. I did what any girl would do, used my hair to cover my face and walked with my head down. It finally went away, until yesterday when I woke up with another on near my nose (in a spot that sunglasses can easily cover- which I wore all day). I felt the need to take action (besides just hiding). So I dashed off to Target and got this…

Let me tell you…this stuff works. The bottle doesn’t lie it does significantly reduce your pimple. I am looking back to normal today. Thank goodness.

2 thoughts on “Stress”

  1. I feel your pain. My skin has been super stressed probably because I’m stressed and just overtired!Try the mario badescu drying lotion…it’s a great spot treatment!

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