My Blue Suede Shoes

First of all I am willing to admit I have a problem; if I didn’t this blog wouldn’t even be here for you to read. My problem…Shopping. I am addict, big deal- hey at least its not crack! So any way. I some how landed in my favorite vintage store today and just went crazy (4 for things for $45 crazy like a deal savvy fox). Here is the run down, I will save the best for last…

  1. Snakeskin covered gold bracelet with 3 “diamonds.” Ultra cute, I am on a bracelet kick right now.
  2. Funky scarf. It has a black and white geometric border and pink/ purple bold polka dots in the center. Totally downtown chic.
  3. Big ass glasses. The only way to keep away crows feet and the paparazzi (oh wait I don’t need them for that…yet)
  4. As for the big finish…. Blue suede, fur trimmed booties. They make look odd at first glance, but let me tell you they look hot with skinny jeans.

And by the way…The shoes were only $25!!! I know…How could I leave them at the store?

One thought on “My Blue Suede Shoes”

  1. girl, you are one step ahead of me. I was about to go bootie-shopping this weekend … then it was all hot and the guilt of pre-fall shopping in mid-summer set in.

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