Look What I Found…

Having a craptacular night. My ear is in such pain it feels like it is ready to remove itself from my head- not good. But as I surf the net and watch Law & Order I find one little piece of joy to make me feel better.

Remember when I was searching for a knock off of the Nicole Richie bracelet?? Well I think this one is even cooler- you can get it with skulls ($70) or without for $55 at http://www.blondette.com/. Score one for the Kitty.

4 thoughts on “Look What I Found…”

  1. Ohhh i so thought of your whilst I was getting ready to go out on Friday night – I was wearing a V neck empire top and had a gold belt at my waist – and I had gold hoop earrings and I though “oh I so need that black/gold kitson bracelet that Fashion Kitty was talking about” hehe. I think I might have to get this cheaper version!!!

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