I Have to Have This

Closet Therapy got me hooked on Mike & Chris…I must have this. It is the like the coolest thing I have ever seen. I think it will be worth the $173 (heck I spend way more on shoes, jeans, and bags). Only thing is, will I be able to wear it in the LA heat?

That’s right- Cats out of the bag. Fashion Kitty is moving to Los Angeles at the end of August. So LA readers should I shell out the cash to buy this? I hear it gets pretty chilly in LA at night. Also if anyone has suggestions of where I should shop. Lay it on me….

2 thoughts on “I Have to Have This”

  1. Ohh I like that… is it a thick fabric?!?!
    Wow how exciting – moving to LA. Damn I’m so jealous!!! :o)

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