Have you seen this crap?

I have a pretty standard set of channels I watch on televison (besides the standard NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS in a pinch) Style Network, Food Network (I can’t resist that Rachel Ray), E!, VH1, and MTV. If its not there I don’t watch- however I friend of mine asked me to turn to TLC to watch “What Not to Wear” it was a makeover marathon.

This show is bad, the people end up leaving look more horrible than when they came in. Whats up with that? I have to admit I laughed my ass off and watched about 4 episodes. Has anyone seen this crap? If so, please tell me what you think.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen this crap?”

  1. Yes, I too got a kick out of watching these most unfortunate people have to throw away their awful wardrobe( which was much neede) just to end up with expensive designer duds(not knowing how or where to wear them) and a crappy hair cut!

  2. I love Stacy & Clinton(though Stacy does turn all of the women into her clones) but Nick Arrojo needs to have his hair license revoked.

  3. We have a version shown in Aus with 2 Brits – and yes – it is shocking… they look sooo ‘blah’ once they are done.

  4. I want Stacey London’s job – I could do it just as good as she, plus all the women would look like themselves and not copies of me!

    I love the show, though I agree with Nick Arojo getting the boot. And Carmindy is sickeningly sweet, but she’s good at what she does. They all annoy the piss out of me, and yet, I can’t help but watch the show every chance I get.

  5. I actually like the show. I have gotten some good pointers from it, but I mainly like to see the before and afters.

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