Dear Fashion Kitty

Hi. I have this horizontally striped shirt that is white and grey. It is cut really low so I wear a white tank top underneath. I wanted to know what types and/or colors of necklaces would look good would this outfit? What color jewelry looks good with white AND grey?

White and grey huh? It’s funny how the slighest variation can throw a girl off. I mean black and white is easy,but white and grey can make for a slight challenge. Here is what I think you should try( I think you may be surprised how many combos you can come up with)

Simple Look- First is first, ditch the white tank underneath. It will make the top look like its supposed to be that way- make the shirt stand out. I would try black as a basic then add a cute necklace.

Pastel Look– for the end of summer. C&C California has layering tops on sale for $19, I think any of these colors would great, especially the blue or pink… Paired up with a funky necklace.

Muted for Fall- For fall, I would layer burnt orange, moss green, or navy blue. Accessories- go minimal with something that sits higher on the neck in gold.

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  1. Ohh – you have a Ask Fashion Kitty – you shouldn’t have told me that – I am going to bombard you with questions. hehe

  2. The 2nd necklace is on sale at Intermix (you can get it online too) Link is on the right column of this blog 🙂

  3. hey Fashion Kitty i read your profile it rocks I love fashion and high priced iteams by the looks of the pictures you have great taste and eye 4 clothes hey can u IM some time at amnsilv I noe your IM so IM me some time can u give me some fashion tips(o by the way I have this really cute abercrombie top it is brown and in pink grafedie letters it says abercrombie & fitch what type of pants and jewlery would I wear with that

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