Bracelet Buff

I am really getting into bracelets these days. Which can be a total pain if they have a clasp (impossible to fasten alone). I picked up some cool thin bangles at good old Target for a cool $3 and stopped by my vintage store and spent a whopping $12 on a gold and black snakeskin covered bracelet with 3 “diamonds”. Now I am hooked- I want more. Gone are the days of 1,000’s of plastic raver bracelets ( I went through that fashion phase once upon a time). Gone are the days of big clunky bangles too (but I am sure they will be back). Now is time for an eclectic collection of bracelets. –
Animal Planet Bracelet- $105
Skull heads $196 at

4 thoughts on “Bracelet Buff”

  1. Totally agree with you – I bought 3 little vintage gold bangles yesterday – I’ll try and post a pic of them today!!!

  2. I found a lot of cool ones on ebay. I would also check vintage stores- and I know you are one heck of a bargain hunter 😉

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