Booo Hisss

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a big deal for me. I cut out of work early and rack up on the good (after all the prices does go up after the sale ends). So when I got my Nordstrom card holder letter in the mail explaining to me my double points, I was thrilled. Until I opened the catalog! What the…. I don’t want anything! Nothing. This is very disappointing. It just so happens that I will be out of town the first few days of the sale, but still- even if I were in town I would not go. Get your act together Nordy’s, I am ashamed of you. I suppose my credit card is overwhelmed with delight though. Ya win some, you lose some.

2 thoughts on “Booo Hisss”

  1. OMG! I totally feel the same! That mag had NOTHING in it what-so-ever! I won’t be going either, but I will be heading over to the rickety-rack to get the good leftovers from the Half-Yearly sale for $2!!!

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