Typically when I hear the word “wow” I think of something positive; like “Wow, that’s cool” or “Wow, that’s fantastic news” how about “Wow! You bought a car!.” Pretty sure I don’t need to go on for you all to get this one.

However, today when I say “wow” it is because I can’t even draw together words to express how terrible Paris Hilton’s new music video is. “Wow- that’s NOT hot!” I refuse to link the video to this page, it may bring Fashion Kitty some bad karma or something.

Shall we break down the video (shouldn’t take long I promise)

1.)Visually– This is a softer version of the “special” movie
she put out. Just her looking at the camera constantly, groping a half naked
man, and being half naked herself

2.)Vocally- Apparently Paris Hilton thought since
Gwen Stefani was out on maternity leave, she could rip off her sound. Hilton’s
voice is clearly doctored up with a slew of sound machines; and she still
manages to sound bad. Bleck!

If you have seen this mockery, drop me a comment to express your hate.

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