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I have a closet and a half filled with clothes. Some of which I have not used for years, with the hope that I will fit into them again one day. What rule do you go by in terms of deciding when to throw something away? I imagine that you have tons of clothes. Some of which are “seasonal” or fads. Do you tend to throw the “fad-ish” items away first? Or do you keep it around in hopes that it will be fashionable again? It is just a bit difficult for me to throw something away. I guess because I attach certain memories or experiences to the piece of clothing. Anyways, is there a rule that you go by in determining what makes the cut?

It just so happens that I do have some rules (I need to follow them more closely, my closet is getting over crowded)

1.) Doesn’t fit….toss it!

  • If something is too big chances are you don’t really want to
    fit in it anymore. So toss it! If something is too small, it really needs to go
    too. It’s just going to taunt you. However! I do recommend keeping one piece
    that is small, makes you feel good after you have worked really hard to fit in
    it and you finally do.

2.) Designer…keep it!

  • If you have a designer piece you need to keep it. For one it is well made and will last. And second, it’s like a collector piece and if you aren’t a fashion freak like who thinks of
    it like that…Think of it like this, if you have the misfortune of having
    children you can always give it to them later and make them the coolest kid in
    the class.

3.) “Fads”…toss (usually)

  • When I buy fad pieces they are cheap and inexpensive anyway, so tossing isn’t so bad. Those that are workable into outfits that aren’t fad-ish. Keep em.

4.) Sentimental Pieces….

  • Give them away. Not to just anyone, give them to a friend or a relative. This
    way if you want to travel down memory lane, you can borrow it.

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  1. Sentimental pieces are the hardest to get rid of–but giving them to friends/family do help make space in the closet.

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