I think I may have a problem

Remember the other day how I said I went through my closet and got rid of thing? Well I did. 3 giants bags worth actually ( I am talking trash bags here) But look at my closet, does it look like I got rid of anything? I think I have a problem. ( I left out the pictures of my accessory corner, tee shirt dresser, lingerie drawers, and my handbag collection, and giant heap of clothes that need to be washed…see what I mean about that problem)

First half of the closet- dresses and folded items (pants, cardigans, and light weight sweaters)

Second half of the clothes rack (tops and skirts) Underneath that is 2 giant bins filled with workout clothes in one, and socks in the other.

My shoes collection
My Denim Collection (this does not included the 5 pairs in the hamper 😉

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