For the love of Marc

Marc Jacobs is hands down my favorite designer. Anything and everything he touches makes me want to fork over my rent money and bow down. My man Marc is up for the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award, and of course I want him to win:)

He was featured in a WWD pull out out Tuesday (which I just got today!) I just had to post this statement from Marc…

“The presentation is a form of entertainment. The clothes are shown in a
theatrical environment, which is the only time they ever are, because after that,
they are just shirts and skirts and blouses and dresses in a shop, and they take
on a completely different life. It’s become more interesting for me to
present them in a more elevated way or say something differently with them in a
show concept.”

It annoys me so much when people bash designer runway shows. You know- “Why is it so crazy, no one dresses like that!” People don’t seem to understand that fashion is far more than what you wear on your back, its a form of expression. Designers pour their little hearts out creating fabulous clothing. It doesn’t come from thin air, there is inspiration and hard work- they deserve their showcase and I deserve to watch and enjoy it. Okay- finished ranting.

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