Dear Fashion Kitty

For an evening wedding, what color shoes would you pair with a medium aqua dress?

Well it all depends on the dress… Is it long, or is it short? Any key details on the dress? Beading, embroidery? What kind of accessories did you have in mind?

Here are some options of what I might do.

  • Evening shoes are tricky and often ugly. So to play it safe you can always go with something in a not so obvious color and make it strappy. Like a (gulp) silver stappy sandal. Make sure your toes are all polished and pretty.

Franklin Elman (Neiman Marcus $675)

  • Go black. Also tricky… Black shoes can stick out like a hideous sore thumb. BUT, they can be cute if you add some vintage black jewelry or a black shawl to cover up (since it is an evening wedding)

Stuart Weitzman $275

And of course you do not need to spend a fortune like the shoes I pictured- but you can always find a cheaper alternative at DSW or Nordstrom. Try to get a shoe you would like to wear again.

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