Dear Fashion Kitty

I was hoping you could help identify the purse Lindsay Lohan in carrying in the attached picture:,19884,1203575_11,00.html I absolutely ADORE the purse but I have no idea what it is- I was thinking maybe Kooba but not sure of the style name. I doubt I can afford it once I figure it out but at least I can campout on Ebay if I know the designer!! Thanks so much!

Dear Bag Hunter-

I have searched high and low to identify that exact bag. However, I afraid I am only coming up with close seconds. Could be that Fashion Kitty is looking in all the wrong places OR Miss Lohan was given a designer sample that isn’t available for us regular folks.

Here is what I found that may feed your bag craving.

Bulga Butterfly Bag (comes in many sizes) $418

Kooba Carla Bag $650 (this bag also comes in a lighter tan color)

***Fashion Kitty readers, if you know the exact version of L. Lohan’s bag- please leave a comment. Thanks doll babies!!!!

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