Creepy Alert!

When I go through my emails I seriously never know what I might open. In a recent request from my friends at Mechie Techie- I was asked to write a blog entry on Photogenic Masks. Read it for yourself. Like I said, its too creepy not to share.

Excuse me, I need to put on my face…I will only be a

Guys how many times have you heard that from your
lady friends. What if they actually meant it? Natori Satio, a Japanese artist
has created Photogenic Masks. These are very realistic looking masks of women’s
faces (and breasts if you need a set of those too). While these works of arts
are extremely realistic- they are also pretty darn creepy.

Guys let your gals take that extra half hour in the bathroom
to get ready. Because if they took the second you dream of they may come out
looking like this.

Oh and the sites catch phrase is “PhotogenicMasks have
been created for anyone who desires to become a girl” See it for yourself at

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