Closet Clean Sweep

I went on a rampage this evening. I started clearing out my closet of things I don’t wear or need. I find that I really hang on to things. I often have the feeling something will come back in and I will regret ever getting rid of it. I left those feelings at the door today, and cleaned house.

Sold some items to Annie Cream Cheese (, a vintage/ designer boutique that gives you cash for your designer duds.

The rest of the items will be divided up into 4 categories…

  1. ebay it! (even though I don’t think I have the patience for that)
  2. Donate
  3. Give to my cousin or friends
  4. No one wants that shit- toss it!

Of course since doing this, I want nothing more than to buy more stuff. Ready for a change in wardrobe… Ready, set, spend!

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