Shopaholic suffers from OCD

Think Want, Need, Have has OCD with her shoe organization spree? Think Some Like it Haute has a touch of the OCD when she counted her Lainys? I think I may have beaten them both!

This weekend in an attempt to NOT spend money, I locked myself in my studio apartment and tried to occupy myself…. I cleaned, I worked out, I cooked, I blogged and I still craved swiping the old credit card. I began to think about my wardrobe and ‘spend your money Saturday’s’… I have so many clothes in my closet! Maybe, just maybe I should try to develop some outfits to make the most of my closet.

Let the OCD fest begin. I dragged out my dressform from my days in design school, whipped out camera and started putting together potential outfits. Figured why not! It will help met figure out what I need to buy next time I go shopping AND It will give me 15 minutes of extra sleep in the morning because I will know what to put on. Most of these outfits are pretty vanilla b/c I get to wear them at fun work 🙂 The mall is open for 4 more hours, so I best get back to choosing outfits- I am restraining myself from running out and buying these highwaisted Nanette Lepore pants.

  • Outfit #1 (WORK)- Tommy Hilfiger polka dot sweater with oversized buttons. Max Studio baggy dress pants. Vintage gold chain necklace. Vintage Nautical scarf for my hair.
  • Outfit #2 (WORK)- Pink C&C California tank with Grail tee layered on top. Multi- strand seed bead necklace. Worn with Max Studio pants with tiny pink pinstripe.
  • Outfit #3 (WORK)- Mix up on outfit #2- Swap Grail tee with Isaac Mizrahi button down top. Swap out seed beads for Betsey Johnson butterfly necklace and long H&M necklace
  • Outfit #4 (WORK)- Gauze hook and eye top from H&M, khaki blazer from Sashimi and circle skirt by View
  • Outfit #5 (PARTY/ DINNER)- Vintage poodle dress, woven red belt from Nordstrom around the waist
  • Outfit #6 (WEEKEND)- Vintage green Mexican top paired with plaid walking shorts
  • Outfit #7 (WORK)- Taverniti SO Jeans, Paisly Betsey Johnson top, beaded necklace, and dark denim Shashimi blazer
  • Outfit #8 (WORK)- Isaac Mizrahi seersucker pants, Isaac Mizrahi button down top. Vest from Target. Accessorized with white vintage plastic necklace and tassel belt

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