Severe Trend Warning

There is a severe trend warning out for all of fashion public, run for cover this one is trouble! There seems to be a trend emerging, and just like a severe thunderstorm- this isn’t a good warning.

I first saw this in this month’s Lucky Magazine (with Tyra on the cover) It was a long beaded necklace that was worn without keeping the oh- so important neck in mind! It was slung across the body like some long 1990’s style purse. I just chocked it up to Lucky testing their audience. Seeing if we are actually reading their magazine that closely and testing to see if they have some extreme power to sway us into a non-trend.

However, today- I was browsing around and saw a picture of this mess again. This can’t be, this isn’t right. People, I beg you to listen to me…Trust Mama Kitty. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Send this trend right out the door, I don’t care if it was on the runways of Marc Jacobs- don’t do it.

Aahhh I feel at peace for at least sending out a warning.

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  1. THANKYOU!!!!!! for warning the world about this awful “trend”! It is horrible! Hopefully word will spread fast to NEVER EVER wear a necklace as anything BUT a necklace!

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