Mariah Carey…Why?

Mariah Carey has done it again, and I don’t mean dropped another hit single (well she may have I personally refuse to listen to someone who looks that bad). She has managed to throw together another horribly distasteful and overly revealing ensemble.

  • First of all, when getting dressed you need to ask yourself “if its warm enough to expose your midriff, then it is too warm to wear boots” You got that? Boots ( I don’t care if they are LV) = winter : Showing your tummy = summer.
  • Mariah- I know we all give you a hard time about your body. The truth is we wouldn’t notice how bad it was if you didn’t show it to us all the time. Wrap skirts need to wrap around your body! Yours is obviously too small.
  • Jean jackets are just that “jackets.” Jackets are to be worn over other articles of clothing, which you have seemed to have misplaced.
  • Mariah, I awarded you with the Ask Fashion Kitty worst dressed award, and judging by this little gem you are right on your way to winning 2 years in a row. Bravo!

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