Health Kick

The holiday weekend inspired some ridiculously hot weather. Summers in the D.C. are mega hot and humid, yesterday the temp was about oh…87 degrees. I then realized Billy Blanks, Carmen Electra’s Strip aerobics, and Yoga every so often need to be paired with a healthier diet.

I am not a junk food junky by any means ( except for the occasional cupcake and cookie. As a woman, I am always conscious of my body- especially when I have to bear it all in a bikini.

Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and pantry- got rid of anything that could put my figure in jeopardy. Dusted off the old South Beach diet book and started planning meals. This summer will be about fruits, veggies and seafood. It will also be about less take-out! Fashion Kitty will be in the kitchen cooking.

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  1. Hello Fashion Kitty. May I call you Miss Kitty? I came across your blog by browsing and it caught my attention! Anyway, I’ve also got a blog you might enjoy, and you can see it here.

    It’s funny, so enjoy!

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