Blinged out Desk Accessories

Just when you thought the craze was over…you know the crystal studded everything. You couldn’t walk two steps without getting hit in the head with a crystallized blackberry (Naomi Campbell…I am looking at you)

Well Naomi has some fresh ammo, jeweled desk accessories. That’s right folks, for about $100 a pop; you can staple, tape, and click your mouse in style. Comes in four delicious colors, and the crystals are the oh-so popular Swarovski.

Mouse has a three button design and is Microsoft/ Intel compatible. Now go ahead and make those co-workers jealous! Get em at Neimans.

Also for this and other techie articles, go to where I will be writing techie fashion articles.

0 thoughts on “Blinged out Desk Accessories”

  1. completely in love with the pink blinged out mouse! it will be so cute among my purple file folders!

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