Question for the Kitty

Should petite, 5 ft., ladies wear gauchos?
I love the way they look on others but I fear it is a look I cannot pull off.

Thanks for your advice.

If there is a trend, there is way! I did a little online shopping for you and has tons of gauchos for petites. The key to gauchos on a small frame, is to keep from making yourself look short and stumpy. Here are some things to keep in mind when wearing gauchos.

    • Gauchos are wide…so keep the top looking slim. Wear a fitted top
      anything boxy will make you look bigger than you need to look
    • Always wear heels. You are going to need the height with these. For spring/summer
      a nice espadrille will look nice, the natural color heel will help elongate the

If you find yourself standing in the dressing room and you feel you look like a fool. Here are some other options for you to try: culottes or a slimmer cropped pant (examples pictured below)

Culottes by BCBGCropped Pants by Marc Jacobs

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