Lohan’s Fashion Mistake

As shameful as it is to love Lindsay Lohan…I do. She isn’t looking like her skelator pal (are they even friends anymore?) Nicole Richie. She wears cute designer clothes, and she isn’t blond (anymore)

Well everyone makes mistakes, and Lindsay sure did here. Everything is wrong with this outfit.

What is going on? I am so upset by this. The black tights are a must go, I don’t even understand why she would put them on. Its spring black tights aren’t allowed.

Not sure why I feel this way…But work with me here. If Hulk Hogan wore sweaters, I truly believe he would wear this one. I can see disgusting over tanned muscles bulging from that awful green mess! The sad thing is- it would look better on him than it does on Lindsay.

I don’t get the purse because its awful and I don’t get the shades because they are also awful. The more I look at this the more I doubt this is Linsday. Do I smell an impersonater? No…I don’t. Its just bad fashion.

2 thoughts on “Lohan’s Fashion Mistake”

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