Laugh Out Loud Moment

It is comical how celebrities become so over saturated in the public eye, that we somehow allow them to do everything and anything they want. We let them sing, dance, act, design clothes, adopt 1,000 babies; even if their talents are only good enough for one of those skills.

Get ready to laugh little kittens. While catching up on my celeb gossip, I find an article on Jessica Simpson and how upset she is at Nick for spilling the beans on their faulty marriage. Yeah I know….BOOORING!!!! Until I get this little nugget of information.

JESSICA SIMPSON is starting her own line of HAIR EXTENSIONS! What the*&^#. I mean I know hollywood is all done up in extensions, but is there really a market for “Jessica Simpson hair extensions?” Someone please get her a new man so she will stop. PLEASE.

0 thoughts on “Laugh Out Loud Moment”

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  2. I never thought I’d find somebody as horrified by the notion of ‘hair in a box’ as I am. Oy vey! It’s like selling drugs to little kids–extensions are definetely not kind to existing hair.
    Interesting thought–she may very well quiet down once she gets a guy, but don’t forget ‘Dessert’. She came out with that horror while still with her ex-beau.
    I like your blog!

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