Kitty Kam Busts Another Don’t

A day of outdoor shopping often means a day of fashion don’ts…

This one here really bothers me, reason- the leggings. Leggings have their purpose in the fashion world, however, since they are a hot trend right now people are going over board.

If you wear leggings you need to ask yourself “Why am I wearing these?” Here are some acceptable answers….

  • Because I am wearing a tunic or a short dress, its too long to wear with bulky jeans and too short to wear alone
  • Because I am wearing those tennie tiny Johnson shorts and I need to cover up a bit
  • Because they accent my outfit and I don’t look like a fool (this one is tricky, you need to ask an expert if you look like a fool (that’s why I am here)

Here is another exaple of what a fool looks like in leggings (photo sent in by an AFK reader)

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