Kitty Commandments

The Kitty commandments. Just like the deadly sins, there are only 7 (unless I want to add more 😉 These commandments will guide you into being the ultimate fashion kitty. I am talking ultimate here, so don’t feel pressured to meet all the standards because it may never happen.

  • Thou shall always wear premium denim (such as Taverniti, Citizens, Seven, Antik, Joe’s Jeans…you get the point)
  • Thou shall never wear sweat suits/track suits (especially Juicy Couture)
  • Never wear Ugg boots (perhaps in the privacy of your own apartment…but don’t tell anyone)
  • Thou shall wear heels 90% of the time (they just make you look better and sexier)
  • Thou shall ask yourself “If you were to run into an ex or old friend would you be embarrassed?”
  • Thou shall covet at least one ridiculously expensive designer piece (something you can’t believe you spent so much money on…Example Manolo Blahniks )
  • Thou shall tell your friends when they look utterly ridiculous (they will thank you later)

That’s all I have for now, its a good start. Leave me a comment if you think I left anything out.

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