JC Penney/ Sephora

I feel like I am answering some impossible SAT question: JC Penney is to _____, as Sephors is to_____. Now, I don’t actually remember if that is how SAT questions are set up. I took that awful test so long ago- and apparently did well enough to go on and graduate from college.

Point is…They don’t relate:

JC Penney is to CHEAP BASTARD, as Sephora is to EXPENSIVE/ CLASSY.

Point of this blog entry is, JC Penney is trying to appeal to a more youthful non-Penney crowd by using Sephora to help them, but having Sephora’s actually inside the department store. Most of you have heard the story

but here it is if you haven’t

What do you all think? I mean really. I know that Target is like a cool place to shop- just pronounce it Tarje’ and call it a day! But Jay Ce’ Penne’ ? I don’t think I am ready for something like this.

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