Great Site Alert!

Just got an email about a new online boutique called Bijou Boutique. Its really cute, and after only a few minutes of clicking, I see things I want. Added bonus…You can customize the jewelry to suit your fashionable needs. Who doesn’t like that?

Here is what I want…

1.) Adorable lariat. Nothing better than a one of a kind looking necklace! That is full of color to spruce up any bland outfit. I absolutely love it when I put on a great pair of jeans, a clean white top, with some WOW jewelry, and spectacular shoes. This things is a steal at $25

2.) Big Rock- who needs that flashy diamond ring, when you can still flaunt an enormous rock and get just as many compliments (without that marriage thing)! $32

3.) Heart Pendant- I love black jewelry, and this pendant is no exception. I love it, and I can add it to whatever length chain I choose. A stunning piece with a doable price tag of $50.

Remember the biggest bonus to all of this is CUSTOMIZATION. So you can create great accessories without all of that hard work!

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