Gotta $1?

Wendy’s has dollar menu, so does McDonald’s…but blah! You can’t eat that trash and stay fabulous. Know what is a buck and will keep you fabulous? E.L.F Cosmetics!

Everything this cosmetic company has to offer is a buck. I was skeptical at first- thinking this is some horrible Wet & Wild flashback, the buzz around this line is starting to prove me wrong.

E.L.F has been in dozens of the hottest magazines… WWD, Allure, Shop Etc, People, Teen People, Seventeen, Glamour, and InStyle (just to name a few) Not only has this stuff been in magazines, but the celebs are buying into the dollar fad too, such as the cast of the O.C. and Eva Longoria.

I took a breeze through the site and definitely see something I can spend a dollar on. Plus there are plenty of promotional for Mother’s Day if you want to add a little cosmetics to Mom’s gift.

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