Full of Daily Candy

After a full serving of The OC, I treated myself to some Daily Candy for desert. It wasn’t fattening at all, and quite a page- turner by the way. Yep, I was reading not binging on chocolate.

It’s like an ABC book for cool people (oh and for people who aren’t like 2 years old) Here a few zingers that I really enjoyed….

V- Vice

What to say when someone says you’re vain…

“Wow, sue me for washing my hair, putting on a face, and pressing my clothes, you nasty skank. Now shove off, you’re blocking my sun!”

W- Work


She says- ” I heard you got fired from your last job. How awful for you”

You Say- “And I heard how you always go digging for dirt on your co-workers. How desperate of you.”

I enjoyed the book; cute, short, amusing- all the stuff I like!

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  1. I picked this up the day it was released and breezed right through it! It fabulously funny and would make a great gift. totally agree with your endorsement.

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